Chiara Pulice

I am a Senior Research Associate at Northwestern University, working with Prof. VS Subrahmanian.

My main research interests include counter-terrorism, data integration, inconsistent databases, social network analysis as well as data mining and machine learning, particularly for behavioral analysis and predictions.

Currently, I am the coordinator of several small-medium-sized research groups working on developing new machine learning based models for enhancing counter-terrorism and cybersecurity efforts.

My passion is solving challenging and practically relevant problems. After my master degree, I have been involved in several projects and done internships requiring the implementation of both desktop and web applications.

With my startup Coremuniti, we have created ad hoc management software for small-medium-sized companies in the south of Italy.

I have many years of experience working with heterogeneous groups, which allowed me to acquire excellent skills to maintain a positive atmosphere and encourage interactions among people with different backgrounds and competencies. I also keep a positive attitude when working under stressful conditions, both in academic settings and industrial situations.